Convocatoria ERANETMED

Convocatoria ERANETMED - Fostering sustainable water management for the economic growth and sustainability of the Mediterranean región

Objetivo específico:

The present call aims at strengthening international cooperation on research and innovation in the Mediterranean and enhance Euro-Mediterranean research networks tackling the challenge of water in rural and remote areas in coastal zones and inlands. In addressing the above challenges, researchers will have to provide a methodological approach able to deliver a tangible contribution to socio-economic growth and sustainable development in the region considering environmental and ecosystem dimensions as well as energy use.

Research projects funded by this call will have to develop innovative water management accounting for the need of sustainable food production and agriculture while contributing in a tangible way to environmental sustainability, and ecosystem services. Water management in successful projects will have to enhance real and measurable innovation, socio-economic growth, new opportunities and jobs in areas like water saving, energy efficiency and cost in water use, waste water re-use and recycling. Projects should clearly contribute to the sustainability and minimisation of the use of natural resources, stabilisation of rural and remote areas and mitigation of climate change impact. It is drawn the importance of cross cutting issues like gender and youth, governance, multi-level stakeholder participation, climate and ICT in addressing above challenges.


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14 de Mayo de 2017 a 13 de Julio de 2017
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13 de Julio de 2017
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